Is your man CHEAP?

The following excerpt was sent to me by a friend. It was taken from the site: ENIGMATICSOUL A singer-songwriter hiding behind a Web site or day job.


It goes –>”I’ve been recently bombarded with friends who’ve complained about sluggish, cheap-ass boyfriends or dates. I know we live in the new millennium and that women and men are viewed as equal. My complaints (and theirs, as these women are quite liberal-minded) relate less to equality and more to generosity.

Ladies,I can’t stress this enough. When a guy spends more money on himself, than he does with you, its’ a clear indication that he cares more about himself than he does for you. He doesn’t have to get you Chanel sunglasses, or Hermes purses or anything like that. But if he’s constantly asking you to split the bill whenever you guys go out , whether you have been with him for a short or long period of time, chances are he’s not going to change. And you’re not helping him get any better by staying in the relationship and tolerating his behavior. People must value themselves enough to say enough is enough, and draw a bold and clear line between what they would accept in a relationship and what they would not. Because if you compromise and keep telling yourself that ,”or he’s funny”, or “I just don’t want to be alone”, in the end you’ll just resent him and yourself for allowing him to treat you the way he does.

Again, please do not mistaken this as a “money” issue. It’s more of what is acceptable and what is not. And it seems to me that, most of the women who posted here, are not happy with their boyfriends. If a man splits everything, down to the last penny…then you should run! Don’t walk to the nearest exit. Think of it this way, if you date a guy who is an extremely cheap, would you want to marry him and spend the next 30+ years of your life with him and produce babies with this guy? And if the answer is no, then why are you wasting your precious time with someone whom you don’t see yourself marrying?

The only time I do 50-50 is when I’m hanging out with my friends. If a guy constantly does the 50-50 thing, then consider him a friend, because he doesn’t seem to consider you as a girlfriend.

I once heard a story where a girl’s fiancee made her pay for her own coffee at a 7-11. ::::Shakes head:::::”





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It’s been so long. I know I’ve been neglectful but I’m back.

nb: I did say in an earlier post that I wont be writing just to say I did, just to fill my blog. I only write when I have something to say. I write when I’m motivated. . …..This is my public journal AND yes, there’ll be days like the ones gone by.

I’m writing to let you know I miss you. I appreciate all your support. I love when I post, you read and  subscribe and leave your feedback / comments.

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