I soooooo want to have sex with him!

God’s morning turtles, I’m sorry for the shocking headline but NOW that I have your attention please take a moment to read the following important message.

Today, I have a true story for you, at the end of this story I pray you make the right decision on how you conduct yourselves sexually (and otherwise).

SHENEL has a man, DERECK, and she’s having unprotected sex because that’s her man. He has an outside woman, PATSY, and he is having unprotected sex with her because that’s the only person other than SHENEL he is having sex with, so he tells himself he is safe because its only two women…/:)

PATSY has her man, JOHN, and she’s having unprotected sex with him because that’s her man. She tells herself she is safe because she only has two men, DERECK and JOHN…..
But JOHN has an outside woman named MICHELLE, and is having unprotected sex with her because to him PATSY is faithful so he tells himself its only two women he is having sex with so it cant hurt him. But MICHELLE has no personal man, just friends who when she wants to have sex she places  booty calls …X_X
Do you see where this going??? Everyone thinks that they are safe when in fact they are so unsafe its a shame AND very scary. If you’re feeling me on this, Join The Fight Against HIV/AIDS Virus by sharing this important message. Thank you turtles
I love you all,

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