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Knycky Cordner is a female from Trinidad & Tobago who is passionate about cleaning. She is the mother of  2 Turtles Sameel (14 years) and Zee-Moonlight  1 month at 16 May 2012.

Her mother is  “Angel” Norma Frank and she has one biological brother Garvin Frank and about a gazillion self-adopted ones <—Read that as you like.

Knycky claims to be 51 (depending on her mood) smh. If you love getting into people’s minds, her blog is a good place to visit occasionally . She may not blog everyday as she only does so when she has something to say, no matter how small (and frivolous) or long.  She sometimes blog speak in her Trinbago dialect. This blog spot is HER public journal. HER OPINIONS. Her thoughts.

She entertains for a living. Sometimes she gets paid to do this, other times they don’t pay her (her worth). She doesn’t get angry, she is learning. And deleting negative, advantageous people, situations, and places from her life.

Her hobbies are people watching, house cleaning (YES!), interior decorating, and writing.  Her love for the outdoor and adventure caused her a hip fracture leading to TWO THR surgeries. She now refers to herself as the Bionic Woman. She hasn’t been to the gym since Dec 2007 (Doctor’s orders), and therefore does not like her current weight. Update: 16 May 2012: She’s back in the gym!

As frivolous and sick as some may find reality TV shows, she’s a huge fan of them. She has aspirations to star in her own. Lorsh!

Her family’s  motto is WHO GOD BLESS NO MAN CURSE. Her personal Quote is: KEEP IT REAL!

She is a Tom-Boy trying to be a girly-girl because she thinks it’s time.

Facebook Affiliation
Knycky Cordner, Welcome to Knycky Cordner and knyxINC, Knycky Cordner and crew, Night Angels
05 April
Entertainer: Vocalist; Host; Actress; Owner of knyxINC Promotions Agency. Oh I love cleaning too. *winks*. I love what I do.
2011 Night Angels alternative music band
2004- 2011 Lead Vocalist BLUE VENTURES/VENTURES
2004- Present VOs (voice overs) and jingles.
1991-Present MODEL
1991-Present ENTERTAINER
2009-2010 Actor: MIMs (TV Series)
2006-2009 On-Air Presenter, Radio
2006-2009 Host-Digicel Rising Stars
2007 Coordinator of Soca Documentary Film (Best film at T&T’s Film Festival 2008)
2006 Favorite groove Soca.
Soca Awards- “You didn’t leave”.
2005 Finalist- International Soca Monarch
2005 Nominee. Best female Soca (Soca awards- “Wet Meh”)
2004-2005 Host / Presenter / Producer SYNERGY TV
2003 Contributed to TIDCO as a writer
2003 Temporary positions, radio.
BBC 1xtra (London) & I 95.5fm
2001 Actor: London’s ch4 comedy series “Get Up Stand up”
1991 1st RUNNER UP MISS Carnival (Regional Talent/Queen show
Miss Trinidad & Tobago.
1st runner up Miss carival.
Finalist International Soca Monarch 2005.
Nominee. Best female Soca (Soca awards- “Wet Meh”) 2005
Favorite groove Soca. “You Didnt Leave”
Coordinator of Soca Documentary Film (Best film at T&T’s Film Festival 2008)
 Details of current and past projects Released one track and video for 2011 called WUKER!
Trying to write a book, “SOCA DIVA”, an autobiography which would be able to tell the tale of my life, and the Soca music industry of Trinidad & Tobago through my eyes.
I works with the less fortunate and has been involved in a voluntary capacity with the St. Vincent the Paul De Paul society and Y.M.C.A.
I strongly supports] going green, saving our environment, and contributes by collecting recyclable plastic for such companies. Another important cause to me is breast cancer.
Has her own Promotional Firm: KNYCX INCMUSIC BAND EXPERIENCE:
(Soca) Taxi, Karibbean Rage, Atlantik, Horyzon, Island Vibe, Blue Ventures, Ventures
(Reggae) Blac –Starline, Jah Vibes(Alternative) Night AngelsLONDON BANDS.
Front Page Touchdown Massive Island FuryACTING EXPERIENCE:
School and Church productions.
Various videos (including Alexander Oneal’s video and commercials.

London channel 4 comedy series ‘GET UP STAND UP”

Trinidad and Tobago GISL Television series Matthews in the middle (MIMs)

TV Host
Synergy TV (host, Producer) The Scene. Fill in Presenter for other programs.

Digicel Rising Stars 2006-2009

Entertainment Show Radio Bashment 91.9FM

WACK Radio 90.1 Co-Host The morning WAKE UP CALL with Co-Host Ebony.

Temporary positions, radio.
BBC 1xtra 2003(London)
I 95.5fm alongside John Gill

Personal information
To see our culture (particularly the music industry) developed and marketed to the world professionally. As a writer/composer, performer, I sell my country as best as I can through my talent.
My ultimate goal is to establish (along with my mother) a home for street children.
While my love for culture and performing is as passionate as ever,I do acknowledge the word “business” in the term “show business” and would like to be financially successful, earning well from my talent and skills…
Personal interests
The outdoors, Entertaining, Reading. People watching. Writing.
Booking email
hrtechltd@gmail.com, knyxINC@gmail.com or knycky.c@gmail.com


10 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. markbyrd
    May 01, 2010 @ 20:40:25

    May GOD Bless!!! Mark


  2. kellyhillproductions
    May 02, 2010 @ 16:54:20

    Found you through your comment at Mark Byrd. I was touched by your family motto, and you do keep it real.

    God Bless you.


  3. Rochel
    May 29, 2010 @ 19:55:06

    this is so cool, i love ur blog…keep up the good work as always, ur always keeping it real blessings everytime hun…



  4. knyckycordner
    May 29, 2010 @ 20:05:06

    Thank you Rochey Darling…I (we all) try my (our) best…..

    Seeing that you enjoyed, I hope you subscribe to get updates and new postings. I think I’ll do one on last night *winks*. P.S Though my blog is similar to a journal, I do appreciate that it’s public so I try not to keep it too real *giggles* Hope you understand. I share MY stories but I don’t share people’s, unless it’s approved….

    Miracles and blessings…


  5. kiya
    Aug 16, 2010 @ 14:43:06

    I love the bio (^_^)


  6. knyckycordner
    Sep 07, 2010 @ 00:06:25

    Galls and Guys, please don’t forget to take 2 mins and help my cause via the social vibe badge on this page. Thank you so much….



  7. kiya
    Sep 16, 2010 @ 16:21:13

    you’re welcome


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