Check out my new Company: knyxINC promotions models.

knyxINC: is a team of Promotions Models. Some of the events we promote are: corporate, sports, clubs, pubs, and weddings. We’re also available for photo shoots, hosting, videos and TV commercials, car and hair shows and product sampling.

The most important thing to us is to make sure you have an amazing experience, wherever you are, whatever the occasion!!!
For bookings call Knycky 1-868-324-4929 or email

For updates, follow us on Twitter @knyxINC or join our Facebook page: Welcome to Knycky Cordner and knyx INC’s Profile

If you or anyone you know is having an event and you feel we can assist, please forward this information.

Check out some of our photos below.


Eating habits (poor)

Today, I had cereal, water,  (lots as usual), and cream soda (a local carbonated  or “soft” drink). I know, I know, not very healthy but sometimes it’s hard doing the right thing.

What did you have?



You’re all invited!

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