Alcohol Trips.

If consuming alcohol makes us trip, then why do we consume it? Why partake in something that makes us literally and figuratively  fall?

I’m no expert on the topic but I’m pretty certain that the amount consumed has little to do with our reactions and or affects. What I mean is, don’t think it’s only  a beer, or one drink. Each person’s capacity for alcohol is different. The effect the one or two may have on us = nothing (we say) may have devastating effects for someone else, or us at a later date. Even though I’ve heard talk that some Doctors think it wise to have a glass of wine a day-hmmm-research necessary. With all  the negative social consequences AND THE RISKS TO OUR HEALTH why bother?

According to emedicinehealth:

“Alcohol abuse refers to excessive or problematic use with one or more of the following:

  • Failure to fulfill major obligations at work, school, or home

  • Recurrent use in situations where it is hazardous (such as driving a car or operating machinery)

  • Legal problems

  • Continued use of alcohol despite having social, family, or interpersonal problems caused by or worsened by drinking.”

    Just something to think (not drink) about…

    Be blessed,



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