Dying to plank.

It seems as though the whole world has gone crazy about a new fad called planking where people are photographed face down with stiffened arms and legs. I first heard about it via the internet and before I could finish reading the article, WHOOSH! There they were, pictures of “friends” in my Facebook network  (Trinidad & Tobago) PLANKING.


Now in my little research, there is a hot debate on the topic. Some folks say planking originated from the slave trade where slaves being transported were put face down with their hands tied behind their backs. When I looked up images of the middle passage crossing and compared it to today’s fad, Oh oh! Looks very similar to me. Then there are others, loads, of celebrities included, who seem to think it’s harmless fun and entertainment. Hmmm.


Wikipedia: “A plank is a piece of timber flat, elongated and rectangular, with parallel faces, higher or longer than wide, used in the construction of ships, houses, bridges, etc”

Floors were made from large cuts of native trees. This  became the staple floor for those homes in American Colonial times to those who could afford such luxury.


I’ve seen images of celebrities sports personalities, musicians, actors planking at red carpet or other formal events and before I even get to if it’s further insult to injury to my forefathers, I think YUCK. Ain’t no way I’m ever planking in my fancy dan-dan! (dan-dan = fancy clothes). As a matter of fact, ain’t no way you’re getting me to lie on any dirty floor, fridge, table, building whatever to be” in style”  fancy clothes or not. I’ve heard reports of even one man dying! Apprantly the higher you go to plank, more kudus are given to the planker, more pictures on social networks.  And you risk falling. People have also lost their jobs when pictures of them planking surfaced. I’ve seen a picture of a baby being planked on a microwave! WTH!


For some of the celebrities planking for the fun of it. If they so need to act a fool (my opinion) couldn’t they at least get something positive out of it? How about getting one of their endorsers to give to a charity of their choice every time they planked at an event?

Me, I just think most of the people doing the plank, should simply just be spanked. Buh daiz me.

Wha allyuh think?

Disclaimer: The images used in this post are not my own. They were simply “borrowed” from the internet for those of you not familiar with planking of any type so you can compare.

(((HUGS))) Knyx.



Stolen “note”, letter, post!

I stole the following from my sister friend Paulla’s facebook notes. Enjoy. AND check out the pictures at the end. Sorry, only put 2.


by Paulla De Souza on Friday, 24 September 2010 at 06:35
September 24 2010, is not just my birthday, it is a day that I was reminded of so many things. This morning my consciousness was focused on “thoughtfulness” not just from my perspective but from others.  I made an observation and I realized how much this particular character trait goes unnoticed and unappreciated in our every day lives in some cases not consciously (I hope). I shared my thought on the topic via my status September 23rd I was certainly not expecting the revelation I received thus far. For those who missed it this is what I shared.
“Had a moment where my consciousness was alerted to the ideal of “thoughtfulness” its a character trait in others that is often overlooked. Consider the importance of being thoughtful…
“The truth is I was feeling a bit cranky after a long day at work got home after 10p.m or there about. I had absolutely no special plans for my birthday decided to just take it easy.
The little things that people do really does go a long way. Never stop showing your appreciation no matter how small and insignificant it may seem the receiver is always grateful.
So there I am talking to my sista gal pal Lady D (all smiles) and another old guy pal Alex his b’day was yesterday we go way back, we were all chatting nonchalantly, in separate chats, didn’t even noticed the time until he started counting it down, he wished me happy birthday, and she sent me a link ordering me to click on it, so there I am awww-ing and ooooh-ing at the revelation of the link… just a few minutes after my bbm alert went off…it was my other sister gal pal Knycky. I did not even know she knew when my b’day was.

This is the dialogue on BBM: KNYKS:”HELP Pau where u I need help?

ME: What happen?

KNYKS: Whey u

ME: Home

KNYKS: U wd not believe wat happen to me


KNYKS:Wait talking to d police

ME: hmmm!!! R u serious?(my thoughts… what the hell is she up to is she driving with out her license again, but if she is in trouble y is she calling what the hell can I do,  I wonder what she is really up to…)

KNYKS: Right! Now I that I have your FULL attention… HAPPY BIRTHDAY SISTER!!!  Let’s DRINK to it!!! (party smiley)

ME: You are such a toots LOL U had me worried

KNYKS: Hahaha I know! that was the plan (wink eye smiley)

ME: Thanks! (this dam girl lol)

KNYKS: Come outside


KNYKS: COME OUTSIDE doh think I’ll let ur day pass without a drink child

ME: R U alone ( don’t really feel like getting dressed, can’t believe u drive up the road at this hour oh lawd)

KNYKS: Ofcourse I am alone! I won’t bring people on a surprise like this… steupes yuh getting senile in yuh old age or what?

ME: LOL!!! One sec (classic low blow hahaha)

By this time Lady D on hold as I told her my friend is in trouble hope it was no real drama was the message she got from me (wireless router trip out thank god for my bb I was able to let her know there was nothing to worry about) I buzz madam in she drive in screaming her head off happy birthday!!! Iced birthday cake, bottle of red wine, (the most perfect red wine I have had to date, not big on the red, white is my favourite) Luckily for me I am MISS SUPER KOOL, still not sure what it will take to move me… not very good at showing my emotions outwardly. The rest you would observe in the few pics we took of the moment.  I stuck my cake and eat it too, had a few glasses of wine, we talked and giggled I wished that I had more of my friends physically here with us to share the moment but I am super grateful that Knycky you took the time to do what you did you are one of the most thoughtful people I know, I remember the time you bought me flip flops, just cause you know I love them in all the colors. The cake was perfect not to sweet, got chocolate and sponge together in my favourite colour also. D I  love the page just as I was thinking how perfect the cake on the page was and wishing it was real, at that moment, I didn’t know there was a real one right outside my door. Alex I know u r one of the busiest people I know but you took the time to do the count down I really appreciate that, I remember you are always big on birthdays we are so different though just one day apart, I am happy that after so many many years of friendship we can still have our laughs and exchange greetings no matter how simple.

I choose to share my thoughts, not because I want to big up anyone of the other but the truth of the matter is I thought this was one of the most I think awesome seem to be the word, moments.  4 people from different parts of the Universe came together simultaneously to create a very special moment for me… I was deeply touched I also had a surprised telephone call at about 5 mins after the candles were lit, so there were 4 very special people parttaking in my surprise… I give God the glory and I smile at His awesomeness.

MY (Knycky’s) response to Paulla’s “note”:  Wow! I am only now getting to this (silly internet connection). This is so sweet of you to say/do paulla. But that’s just the woman you are. You take something simple yet special and started a wheel rolling. I would give you the stars if I can, but I’m happy you appreciated the little that I did. If we only remember (as you’ve said) to be thoughtful…OH GORSH, we go lick up satan plans.
P.S, thanks for not telling that I nearly ended up in jail after re: roadblock and wine doh mix. Oppps, I just did. lol.

Shout out tuh KeliNtrique!!!

Now the photos – yuh know it must have *giggles*

Pimpin Granny.

TOO CUTE (or something) TO NOT SHARE.

A! A!

Yesterday, on my way to my neighborhood grocery (shop). “Honey Bee” ah giving allyuh ah shout out NB PLUG! I heard a loud noise. Real real loud! I turned to look at the car (yep it was music from a car), getting ready to do the eye roll and shake head, yuh know nah, to show my disapproval in that passive aggressive  way we ladies know to do so well, lol.

Lo and behold, the head peeping out the window of the B14 (one of my past cars that I MISS) wasn’t the young dude I expected to see but instead ……….A GRANNY! Swearsssss!

Granny was blasting and head bumping to a tune I DOH EVEN KNOW.  No she did not have the rollers (see the granny in The Wayans’ “Don’t be a Menace To Society While Drinking Juice In The Hood”)  but she LOOKED OLD! What is the cut off point for drivers license in Trinidad and Tobago?

Anyway yours truly asked some of the fellers outside the grocery the  name of the track. I came home and searced it. I’m taking a borrow from YouTube. The track or parts thereof does not belong to me. If the owner(s) wish to have it removed, is no scene.  Have your people call mine. But hear this, IS PROMO  STILL! Plus people downloading left right and center these days. But just let me know please and thanks.

Here’s the link. >>>  

What allyuh think bout Granny???

Is do as AH SAY and NOT AS AH DO! ROGER THAT yes boy.

It good to laugh, thank you Granny.

P.S follow me on Twitter @knycky  fuh more jokes (and if yuh wha chat serious issues ah in dat too)

Blessings and miracles all,


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