The perfect fit.

Once again, I’m in search of the perfect flatmate. A lot of people say roomate but I’m really not looking to share my room with anyone. Gosh NO! I’m only sharing my flat, my apartment. So they’ll have their room, and I’ll have mine. My flat is fully furnished, from fork to fridge and everything other than my room is fair game. Typing that last sentence made me break out in cold sweat cause I suffer from a condition call OCD or I’m a neat freak. I often wonder what is freaky about it. I like things clean, I like them neat. OK yes, I’ll admit, I can be a bit anal with my passion for cleaning, keeping things tidy,  hence the reason I’m on the hunt again. My last “tenant” didn’t get it when I said, “I don’t mind you not being as fastidiuos as I am, but you MUST be able to maintain. He didn’t listen. The final straw for me was coming home to find my toilet / bath area shockingly resembling the toilet area of the  KFC  Port-Of-Spain branch. Goodbye.

So I’m at it again. But deciding who to share a bit of my life with is so difficult. I’m not prejudice, but when a young lady told me she doesn’t work but her boyfriend (who wouldn’t be living with her) pays all her bills, man it’s hard for me to not judge. Sister, get a clue, get a life. You’re 31 years old! So0000 many things wrong with the picture she painted *shudders* but I wont get into it here. I’ll keep my thoughts to myself.

One guy said he’s hardly in the country, he just needs a place to store his belongings, including car. Call a storage company or garage or family member brother.

My instincts (God speaking to me) said this one was all wrong when after answering  my phone the first thing I heard was “Ah wah de place but yuh cah take off some ah de money? Ah cah pay so much.” She never even said hello! Man I is de best dialect talker, joke maker ah know, but time and place for everything. I bring my business ethics with me when conducting business! If we cannot even have a decent telephone rapport, what makes you think you can live with me? I politely declined her offer with a lie, “I’m so sorry but the room has already been taken. Hmmm, I wonder what color lie that is? Should I have taken the opportunity to teach someone some manners, set her up for a better chance of success in her future endeavors?  Maybe I wont even be a good Mummy, but I’m straying…

Most of my friends think I’m crazy because of this “project”. However, I don’t feel unsafe in any way, if anything the flatmate should be afraid of my broom and I. LOL. I am being as careful as I can, but I refuse to live in fear, especially with this venture. I lived in London back and forth for 9 years and in that time I never lived alone, not once.  It was always shared lodgings and I can categorically say I had no major problems, except for the time a flatmate claimed he loved me, AND tattooed my name on his arm! (Now allyuh know I’m the only person with the spelling KNYCKY right?) Brother man wore his love on his arm, literally! But that’s a different story. In fact my best living arrangement to date was when I shared a one bedroom flat with my bff Leah in london, UK, ONE BEDROOM! Don’t ask me about the logistics. We didn’t share a bed is all I’m going to say about our arrangement.  We were like a newly married couple for years. She LOVES to cook and I LOVE to clean=Heavenly bliss. She went to pubs and I experienced the London club life. The only events we both loved and attended together were  Caribbean, particularly T&T type fetes etc. We both attended on business and pleasure. Leah (with her family) had a successful Trinibago delicacies business, and I performed with the many Soca Artistes that came to London. After working, we made sure to get in a little jump before the midnight cut off time.

About a year ago, I also shared a huge flat in St. Augustine with, not one, not two, not three,  but FOUR WOMEN! We all had our individual bedrooms. Only one liked to clean, guess which one? Hehehe, and hardly anyone cooked.Three of us were working professionals and the other two were students at UWI and Arthur Lok Jack. Again, no problems until one picked up a bf that was taking her for a ride, down a one way street driving at full speed, in a car with no brakes and seat belts. We had to perform an intervention.  So yes, I love and value my privacy, and on my permanent return to Trinidad, I lived alone and loved it for many many moons. However, try having two hip replacement surgeries back to back (Dec 2007 & March 20o9). Try paying off those loans then you’ll understand why I have to  resort to this action.

Coming back to my search now, I guess a tidy flatmate isn’t all that’s important to me. My potential mate must be of a certain standard (no not class eh, I never said class, me?).

You must be gainfully employed because I want no excuses when the day for collection arrive.

Your bf, gf, may visit but they CANNOT MOVE IN or my price goes up, and even before we get to that stage, even if I consider it, they will be screened by me as well.

You must be careful of who you invite into my, sorry our home. I’m not one to bring home a whole heap of limers unless both flatmates agree to have an evening of entertainment.

You MUST respect personal items and space.  Our bedrooms can be locked but I’ve been known to forget to lock mine. Don’t let me come home and realize you’ve been foraging in my space. Trust me I WILL KNOW!

We don’t have to be buddies (though that will be nice if it happens) but we MUST be  cordial with each other.

If you or someone you know is looking for a room to rent in a wonderful, cosy, tastefully decorated apartment, with an energetic, fun loving, hardworking woman, and you fit my criteria, and I fit yours, contact me @, 324-4929.

P.S I clean too *winks*. Hahaha, just making sure you GET that point.

Blessings and miracles,



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