I found this photo of an injured yet SMILING soldier and as most things do, it got me thinking. 

What’s our excuse for not smiling/being happy? Huh? Whether it’s simply “putting on a brave face”, sometimes we’ve got to trick our mind, our soul into being happy. 

We got up this morning=ALIVE!

We’ve got the strength to be perusing social media=HEALTHY! And I can go on…….. We have got so much to be grateful for. When I think about some of the issues others face I strongly have to ask: “What’s stopping us from being happy?!? Even while dealing with our own issues! 

Could it be you? #AhaMoment! Could you be blocking your own happiness?  From this point on let’s try to stop negative thoughts from taking away what it didn’t give.  Why not try being grateful for the things YOU DO HAVE rather than moan about the ones that are not yet in your reach. 

#Namaste and blessings for a super productive day. 



One of those moments.

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Originally published on March 25, 2010 @ 11:43PM

Great day!

Have you ever had one of those moments? Not a veg out day mind you. Just a moment when you’re looking for the light (at the end of the tunnel) and it seems so far away that you can’t even see a flicker? I’m sure you have, we all have.

I’m thankful though. I’m the type of person that doesn’t stay down for long. I woke up this morning with a weight on my shoulder. Hadn’t prayed as yet so I was really feeling it. Then after prayers Dee and I used to do that everyday together, and separately , I immediately felt better, felt the weight being lifted. Literally felt it!

Now Dee heard a preacher say on Saturday that Prayers don’t work, God does. Got so excited about that saying. It strengthened  belief and faith in God. That saying was one I grew up hearing in my (Pentecostal) home. It was said so many times in so  many different ways but basically means the same thing. Prayers without work is dead! Seek and you shall find. In other words, if you are in a situation, don’t sit at home crying out to God and expecting a miracle. I believe in miracles, but I also believe in helping myself. Putting the wheel in motion.

So to all who are having a “bad day”, you’re the culprit. You are responsible for your happiness, your well being. Whatever the problem, there’s a solution. #TrustThat! Go forth and find it. Claim what’s yours. Demand it. Not encouraging aggression, but we need to be proactive. Take control before control takes you – smile. Sometimes we need to assert ourselves instead of singing the same old tune “why me?” Doesn’t that get boring to you?

Today, I wish for you all the happiness, health, & success, in  life & your endeavors.

Now I see the light! You will too…if you keep searching.

Blessings and light.


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