An open love letter.

Mummy, I love you,

I appreciate you.

I appreciate all you’ve  done (are doing, will do) for me,

I admire you,

I respect you,

I look up to you.

One day, I hope to be as spiritual, as compassionate, as wise, as sophisticated, as strong, yet as gentle as you are.

You’ve taught me to fly, to soar.

“You were (are) prepared to let me shine, cause that’s your way, you always walked a step behind… Did you ever know that you’re my hero and everything I would like to to be, I can fly higher than an eagle cause Mummy, you are the wind beneath my wings.”  Whenever I sing that Bette Midler song it means so much to me, and  wherever I am, whatever the gig (performance) I always sing that song  to you.

Did I tell you lately that I love you. And you’re cute too, yeah…you got my looks. lol.

One of the greatest gifts God has given me, is allowing me to be your child…

Happy birthday Mummy.

From “Ninny”, “De cute one”


You are blessed,

Your daughter Nichola, A, Knycky Cordner.


Great news Guys!!!!!!!(courtesy The T&T Guardian).


Leah Sorias

Published 18 May 2010


Hannah Lendor spoke for the first time over the phone yesterday since her life-saving liver transplant. The nine-year-old child, who is still hospitalised in Argentina’s Privado de Hospital de Ninos, said in a telephone interview yesterday she was doing well. “I am good,” she said softly, her voice cracking a bit. Asked if she was eating well Hannah said: “Yes.” In the background, her mother, Arlene Lendor, laughed in excitement. Lendor and her two other children, Joel, 20 and Nadia, 18, were at the time visiting Little Hannah.

She has been out of the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit since last week Tuesday. The transplant was done on April 7, over two months after she arrived in Argentina. After the transplant Hannah developed several complications, including bleeding in her brain, severe stomach and chest pains and problems breathing. She had to undergo a second surgery about a week later after doctors thought she had developed intestinal leakage. Doctors later found that Hannah had developed pneumonia. She remained on a ventillator for two weeks and was heavily sedated to allow her lungs to “rest.” About two weeks ago the child was returned to the operating theatre so doctors could drill a hole in her head in order to drain a build-up of fluid from her brain.

Although unable to urinate and pass stool on her own, Lendor said Hannah had improved drastically. “She is eating on her own a lot better than she did a week ago and she is talking a little more,” she said. She said with the help of a therapist Hannah was also doing leg exercises. Lendor noted that doctors said Hannah had to remain on an oxygen machine for a year again in order for her lungs to fully recuperate. This means the child would be unable to attend school for another year. Hannah was diagnosed with advanced liver cirrhosis more than a year ago and as a result developed a lung disease called hepatopulmonary disease, which caused her lungs to deteriorate. Doctors said that resulted in complications after the successful transplant.


Hannah became ill at the age of six years while she was a Standard One pupil at the Moulton Hall Methodist School. Teachers thought she had contracted the common cold but after they noticed her fingers and lips turning black and blue, her mother was alerted. Three HIV tests, kidney and liver tests were done by local doctors but they could not diagnose the problem. Early last year, after she was referred to Dr Pedros Rivas Ventencourt, of the Metropolitan Liver Transplant Programme, in Venezuela, she was diagnosed with advanced liver cirrhosis.

The disease caused her to develop the lung disease—Hepapulmonary Disease. Through public and private support she was able to raise $1.4 million for the operation. Lendor sourced another hospital in Argentina which charged her US$80,000 for the transplant. On February 2 Hannah left for Argentina with her mother, brother Joel, 20, and sister Nadia, 18. Joel donated part of his liver to save his sister’s life.

According to my family & friend Dee, prayer doesn’t work…GOD DOES…Keep talking to him on behalf of little “Hanna” and her family.

Blessings & Miracles While I *skip & jump*



Sweater: A garment worn by a child when its mother is feeling chilly=REAL LOVE.

Happy Mothers Day to all mothers. Also  to the fathers doing the job of both mum and dad and to ANYONE who has helped (is helping) children to grow, prosper, and reach great heights.

Today (especially) we salute you!

You should be saluted EVERYDAY!

I’m off to chucrh with my mummy, then LUNCH…YUM!

How are you spending the day?



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