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The following is a letter I received from a social network-acquaintance . It’s a bit long, but there are some speed readers out there.  Have a skim through and let me know what you think. Mumbo jumbo? Sad PNMite *grasping at straws*?  Serious talk? Let me know. I’ll share my thoughts with you after.

“Hi Knycky

How are you? Hope you are fine and in good health.
Hope you were not affected by the flood waters. As some farmers in Barrackpore said, This is is worst floods they have experienced. As I told you before the election Trinidad and Tobago will experience some of the worst flooding ever,  It will continue. If where you live is prone to flooding protect yourself and your investments.

Sometimes I and some others can be guilty of misrepresenting God. When God said last year that the headlines will change and  there would have been a change of government in 2010, everything was correct until self opinion step in and we began predicting who would win based on our calculations when that was not the message. So many times we have to ask God for forgiveness.

However, what I can tell you is that God is still in charge, even after the election. But we Christians have placed people who don’t acknowledge Jesus as our leaders. The funny thing about it is that they have been placed there by Christians who are against idol worship especially some pastors and priests who encouraged others to vote  against a “Christian” PNM Government. This is a tragedy. They have actually rejected the government  God had placed here so allowed us  the freedom of worship . What a people wants that is what they will get.  It is often said that a nation deserves the government they have chosen.

So without a true godly leader our country is in trouble. Notice how other countries that have ‘godly christian’ leaders do prosper. As someone who loves God as expressed by your emails I am telling you that we are in for some rough times because Christians like me have actually chosen to remove a “Christian” Government from a country named after God and have allowed it to be ruled by someone who worship other gods. The problem with this is that everyone “Christians and non Christians alike will suffer the same consequences for our actions. But only those who call unto God through Jesus will be helped.

To the average person this looks as nothing. Take a look at the map after the election. See how pretty it looked. Only the western peninsulas Diego Martin and Point Fortin were in red. It’s like God took His time and painted a picture as a sign for all of us. But how many will see this. I can tell you what this means. All of the yellow including Tobago is vulnerable to disaster. Keep your eyes and ears open when you meditate and you will understand what I am telling you. We are in a lot of trouble as a nation.

Again as a friend, I say to you be watchful, all that I have told you is true, except when I try to predict who would win. Major floodings, upheavals  because of disgruntled PNM supporters will be our major problems and the murder rate and crimes will be of grave concerns. Please protect yourself at all times.

Pray and ask God for His guidance and your protection, you will need it. There is a lot more I can tell you But look at how life in Trinidad and Tobago unfolds over the next few months and you will say God is truly in charge of us.As God said, all other gods in T&T will bow before Him and all will know that He is the true and living God. It will happen in T&T, but sadly we will only do this because of pressure. Don’t be surprised if storms threathens us this year, I hope I am wrong about this, but if it does Tobago will suffer greatly.

Please don’t forget to spend your time mediating and reading the Psalms. Pray against earthquakes. I will always keep you posted as to the happenings and you can judge for your self. I will try to avoid putting definite  time limits to what I know will happen, but trust me what I tell you will happen. Don’t allow the time factor to make you doubt. So I say again no matter what activity you are involved in, entertainment, dancing or acting continue to pray and encourage your friends to pray for God’ personal protection for you and your family because the dice has been cast and what has to happen will happen. Ther is nothing any of us can do about it but ask God for our personal protection.

So Again, take care,

Stay focused,

Stay blessed.

Love God back as He loves you.

I’ll continue to pray for you.


Like I said guys, your thoughts are welcomed on this letter via this post.

Blessings and miracles,



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