Macoyin (eavesdropping) at licensing Office St. James.

Joined the BACK of the queue OUTSIDE licensing office about 25 mins after 7AM.  On leaving home I thought I was going to be early -first in line, but FAILED. There were about fifteen (15) before me. The optimist I’m becoming was still hopeful though,  at least I’m inthe first 20, I should leave here by 10 (at least).

By 7:50AM, folks started getting restless and conversations struck up around me. Some of them (the blabber mouth in me)I wanted to join in BADLY, but I’m shy by nature so I kept my thoughts and opinions to myself, except for the occasional / frequent chuckles. The following are snippets I short text to my BB so that on my return home, I can blog for you guys. *Sighs*, I just realised, I could have recorded instead of hurting my nails with my speed texting, *sighs* Anway, I think this conversation was interesting. Tell me what you all think.

OldER Man: Ah wudn say Manning eh do nutten fuh d country eh but Trinidad (& Tobago) like a prostitute, everybody wah tuh have a gud time wit she.

YoungER Man: All ah dem is de same ting. Look how we stan up here in de hot sun, yuh tink dis rite?

Old Man: Boy down by de port is de same ting. I tell meh wife away, DOH SEN NO BARREL FUH MEH, BETTER YUH SAVE YUH MONEY AN COME!

Young Man: *sniggers*

Old Man: Wen I was ah lill boy, yuh know wha we use tuh sing in school, YUH KNOW?  God save de Queen, dey doh teach we tuh have pride in weself an we country ah tall ah tall.

Young Man: Imagine dis day an age we still ha tuh line up een  hot sun to geh we license, we shuda be able tuh go an pay fuh dat like how we does pay fuh lite bill an ting.

Old Man: Look at de indiscriminate way we does litter, imagine ah whole bed yuh guh trow in ah drain an den dey does want tuh blame de Government.

Break: Now this story was really good, but I was so hot in my black top. What was I thinking? *wide eyed stare*

Young Man: Ah time ah went ah  (Police)  station tuh make a report. I go een, de female officer just watching meh like she vex an ah boderin she an aks meh wha I come dey fuh!

Old man: Yuh shuda aks she wha SHE doing dey, wha she function is! Yeah…if  SHE doh know wha yuh come dey fuh WHA SHE DOIN DEY!

Young Man: She geh meh so vex eh. Dey wha respec buh doh know how tuh give it.

Old Man: An de man an dem who does talk bout respec an who disrespecin him he pants waist down by he knee eh.  Iyah 7 girl chile AH NEVER HAD  BOY (said with such conviction,  as if this was his choice, his doing)


Prim looking and sounding lady: What time  are they suppose to open?

Me: (Knycky-finally) It’s suppose to be 8AM, look the sign is right there *gestures to sign* (This is my respectable voice of business)

Old Man: Musbe 8 U S (much laughter) it cyar be 8AM Trinidad & Tobago time so it ha tuh be een U S!

Everyone within hearing distance laughs.

Young Man: We’re so accustomed to this type of treatment we laugh at it (said in surprisingly proper English, a while ago he was killing de dialect -lol)

Old Man: Ahbroad, a bus driver does stop de bus tuh help people on, down here dey go kill him eef he do dah!!! Wait! Ah wonder wat Dr. Rowley goin  on ah platform tuh say bout he party? De Prime Minister call him a WAJANG!

Another Man: He go say “I am back!”

Laughter all round.

8:35 AM A licensing officer came downstairs and inquired if there was anyone over the age of 65.  They distributed forms to that group. The next time he appeared, (take into consideration some of us have been standing there since 6-a few poeple- and gate STILL NOT OPEN AT MINUETS TO 9!!!) he distributed forms for DP renewals.  A few minuets later around 8:45, 50, we were herded into the St. James Licensing office which it’s sign says open 8-4PM.  (12-1 PM IS LUNCH!- We’re not working then!)

More disappointment awaited us inside as the Officer informed us, in the most belligerent manner, that “If yuh over 65 we cud see bout yuh, oda dan dat allyuh ha tuh wait or make allyuh way dong  Wreyson (Wrightson) road cause  we eh hav no cashier and tuh besides it eh ha no photographer dong dey nida!




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