Getting ready for surgery or know someone who is? Then you should read this.

Just to prepare you (Hahaha) as  I feel this is my job. Maybe this was all part of God’s plan! I had to undergo surgery for an injury, but major surgery still. Now you also have to get surgery done. How I see it is, God wanted you to have someone close who would be able to share their experience with you. To prepare you.

My experience was simple. The fear is only the beginning of the joy you’ll feel when you awake from surgery, and realize you’re on your way to being healed!!!

My darling sister, don’t be afraid. Don’t give satan any power. Trust in the God that we serve. See how everything has been put in place for you? From the financing, to your surgery date!  All which we thought were gonna be a huge hindrance on you being made well again, was taken care of by God because you love and serve him, and has put it all in his hands. You’re his child! You really think a terrific parent will see their child suffer??? Nah sis, you love God too much and I’m so happy to see you experience the full dose of his love.

Now you too from this test have a testimony, in my opinion an even greater one than mine.

My advice is simple. And funny. Don’t go into the theater thinking about your husband. Remember when mummy told me to behave myself and don’t go singing anything because you wake up from surgery saying  the last thing that was on your mind prior to surgery? Well I learned the hard way, I got up singing “WET MEH” and Fayann’s “BUMPER”. That’s because instead of counting down, my wonderful Doctors had me singing Soca! LOL. Think about how great God has been, is being to you, then you’ll wake up saying “THANK YOU GOD!”

I love you and I’m here for you with all my mad antics to make you laugh. You know that’s my gift  to you right?…Too many people want to discuss your “condition”. I want to take your mind off it for at least a little while. Hope you didn’t think I was for one moment making light of the situation, well I was in a way. I was bringing light to you,  no disrespect was intended, only a little laughter.

I hope you don’t mind but (while writing) I decided to share this little note with the readers of my blog. I felt I should share in the hope that my words of love to you will touch and help someone who may be going through a similar fate.

I love you,



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