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For 2012 we’ve got to #MOVE!!!


Have a happy & safe carnival.



WTH! is wrong with me?

Today Saturday 10th September 2011 my day started at 5:42AM. Actually I did not sleep well. I got approximately 2 hours sleep, well rest, okay call it sleep if you must, then it turned into (for those of you familiar with me and what I call)  a “VEG OUT DAY” . It was so totally different from last weekend which was jammed with activity, three straight days  (Saturday – Monday) of shooting photos and videos with my band  Night Angels.  Side note: It was a lot of work but so much fun!  I absolutely LOVE MY CAREER!


Today however I wasn’t feeling. I wasn’t feeling happy (strange). I wasn’t down, I almost felt nada. Has that ever happened to you? So I lazed around, looked at The Help (good movie), read a novel called “Bitter Sweet” by Roopa Farooki which I loved and surfed the ‘net. I DID NOT EVEN CLEAN HUUUH!


I went so far as to cancel my dinner date to Texas De Brazil. WTH!!! Now THAT IS THE STRANGEST OF THEM ALL cause I love to eat and I love my meat. *giggles*


It’s now 9:48PM, and am having my usual evening glass of vino and thought I should say hi and send my love to you. “Hi, I love you”. LOL. “How have YOU been?”

Thanks for reading my… my… my… my thoughts.

(A sort of PS): Sometimes I have to refrain from coming here, am SERIOUS! I always keep it real and sooooooooooo I’ve been cautioned by the people that love me unconditionally that because I’m so open and honest, I really need to be cognizant that even though I’m willing to let others into my world by sharing my thoughts on this forum , I simply cannot say any and everything I would like. I appreciate their concern and I do understand. I would so love LOVE to call out companies that constantly deliver poor service, number plates of drivers who drive like fools on the road etc etc but I will not. I sometimes tweet about it @ Knycky Cordner (knycky) on Twitter *winks*.

Anyhow as usual I strayed. LOL. let me know what you’ve been up to pumpkins.

Love you (((HUGS))),


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