Last day.

Good morning. It’s the last day of April. My birth-month is officially over *sighs*. Just when I was beginning to enjoy. I’m feeling a little low at the moment (nothing to do with the month in which I was born). I put in the hands of the Lord. This too shall pass.

Have an amzing day folks…Remember to bless someone today.




Unselfish (or) selfish acts of love.

Today was lovely! I performed a selfish unselfish act. “Huh?”  I hear  you thinking. Well read on.

I threw a surprise birthday party for my boss who turned 89. She says that her birthdays are “no big deal to her.” What?!? And 89!  Haha…I made it a big deal *winks*.  I got my Mummy to make and ice a yummy chocolate & sponge cake. I designed some fancy ecards, and downloaded the chipmuncks singing happy birthday (which I think she loved the most). She had no idea her day was gonna be that fabulous! And I feel fabulous for contributing to her happiness.

We were dressed in our finery, the three of us that were the special guests. And she had calls and visits from family and friends galore. I decorated a special birthday table where her gifts, flowers and cake were displayed. We had some really good authentic Chinese for lunch courtesy her grandson. When I was leaving I made her laugh her head off when I said “Now Mums, stay off the booze later eh, ah know is YOUR day but ah doh want to hear yuh was drunk and fallin down ok”.

About my selfish unselfish behavior. See I LOVE making people happy…especially if I love you! Shoot! I go to town…and then I question myself. Why do I enjoy it this much? Do I do it simply  to make MYSELF happy? Me thinks  too much. Oh well, on to my next unsuspecting “victim”. LOL



Oh…You go and make someone happy…Try it and enjoy the lovely feeling…Awww…Bliss!

Car Doctor.

If you though yesterday’s adventure at licensing office was bad. Think again. Today I’m trying to visit the car doctor. We all know how that usually goes. But I’m going to be positive. ALL WILL BE WELL!



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