“Veg out day” part 2. Maracas Beach.

Aye, wukkin fuh yuhself  (self employed – full time Entertainer) on a tropical paradise is boss eh! Hah de negatives too buh daiz ah different story. Doh fraid, ah will soon give allyuh some ah dem. Well de positive today was Paulla -yuh know meh nice friend ah mention before nah. She, me an ah nex friend Carrie – Ann pick up weself yestuhday an went beach, Maracas.  It was nice. Well we geh ah lil shock at firs cause we tawt as it was midweek (Wednesday), de beach wudda be empty, we forgeh it was Easter holidays an chiren home so naturally some parents bring dem tuh de beach.

All in all, it was nice man. Carrie cook ah mean pelau (rice, peas, and meat dish) an I doh like dat so wen ah say it was good, know it was good. We had all kinda snacks an ting. We spread out we beach mats, we beach sheet on top an I known fuh going overboard (sometimes – hehehe) put up a curtain. Ah wanted tuh make de place nice so who vex los. As ah was saying it was real nice.

We gossip, we laf real hard, we swim, well dey swim cause I doh like to show off meh fabulous body in public. Wen dey was swimming, I read an ah geh in a lil shut eye too.

Yuh cud call it ah kinda “veg out” day. It was productive. We had we sisterly bondin time an we rejuvenated we souls togedah. WE have a busy week/end ahead so we ready. Paulla is a Makeup Artiste / Hairstylist an she going nonstop cause de weekend ha real ting (parties / functions) . Carrie is ah stylist and does do all kinda events an she working Tobago this weeken. I have tuh host a show in La Brea (South Trinidad) and discuss more bizness with ah pub owner on Sunday night (yeah we does do it weird hours). Buh de ladies ready.


Have a Holy safe Easter weekend.




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