Ready for the world.

After almost 7 years of being a member of the band Blue Ventures (renamed Ventures 2 years ago) I decided to part ways with them. I want to thank  Bobby Quan and all the members who I’ve shared many a stage with locally and abroad for all their love and support over the years. I think this was the band (and I’ve been in a lot) where I grew the most as a musician.


I’m a professional entertainer  leaving one band does in no way signal the end of my music career.  Two months ago  while on a trip to New York I received a call asking if I was interested in putting together a band.  I jumped at the opportunity and hurried home. Our new band is called Night Angels.  We play mostly alternative music but we cover all genres. The 2 front-line vocalist are also in the studio recording new music.


We’ve done a few shows (dress rehearsals) locally and we’ve gotten positive feedback. The few criticisms we’ve gotten have been sorted out. Now…finally, we think we’re ready to take on the world, literally. Please stay tuned for updates.

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So when you don’t see me here (blogging) know that I’m out there working (learning new songs, writing new songs, recording, auditioning) after all mu professional hustle will never end. I LOOOOVES IT!!!

I love you guys loads and as always I appreciate your visit to my blog. Check out some pictures of the band below.




Dying to plank.

It seems as though the whole world has gone crazy about a new fad called planking where people are photographed face down with stiffened arms and legs. I first heard about it via the internet and before I could finish reading the article, WHOOSH! There they were, pictures of “friends” in my Facebook network  (Trinidad & Tobago) PLANKING.


Now in my little research, there is a hot debate on the topic. Some folks say planking originated from the slave trade where slaves being transported were put face down with their hands tied behind their backs. When I looked up images of the middle passage crossing and compared it to today’s fad, Oh oh! Looks very similar to me. Then there are others, loads, of celebrities included, who seem to think it’s harmless fun and entertainment. Hmmm.


Wikipedia: “A plank is a piece of timber flat, elongated and rectangular, with parallel faces, higher or longer than wide, used in the construction of ships, houses, bridges, etc”

Floors were made from large cuts of native trees. This  became the staple floor for those homes in American Colonial times to those who could afford such luxury.


I’ve seen images of celebrities sports personalities, musicians, actors planking at red carpet or other formal events and before I even get to if it’s further insult to injury to my forefathers, I think YUCK. Ain’t no way I’m ever planking in my fancy dan-dan! (dan-dan = fancy clothes). As a matter of fact, ain’t no way you’re getting me to lie on any dirty floor, fridge, table, building whatever to be” in style”  fancy clothes or not. I’ve heard reports of even one man dying! Apprantly the higher you go to plank, more kudus are given to the planker, more pictures on social networks.  And you risk falling. People have also lost their jobs when pictures of them planking surfaced. I’ve seen a picture of a baby being planked on a microwave! WTH!


For some of the celebrities planking for the fun of it. If they so need to act a fool (my opinion) couldn’t they at least get something positive out of it? How about getting one of their endorsers to give to a charity of their choice every time they planked at an event?

Me, I just think most of the people doing the plank, should simply just be spanked. Buh daiz me.

Wha allyuh think?

Disclaimer: The images used in this post are not my own. They were simply “borrowed” from the internet for those of you not familiar with planking of any type so you can compare.

(((HUGS))) Knyx.



My new song (no metaphors today) WUKER. Just made the hit list in 2 radio stations! A fellow artiste just informed me via direct message on twitter that I, wuker was “on” today. This is the message—>”Just hear “Wukker” is the Boom Shoot on 94.1 today and when I switch to 96.1 it play as Hit Lis tune. Congrats hun. Glad for you.”

Naturally, you can almost imagine how I feel. It’s great when your work is appreciated.

Now, let me go ride that wave and put in even more work. Opps sorry, I meant WUK!

Love, blessings & miracles!

G6 Knyx!

For you one more time WUKER

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