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Night Angels rehearsing

Check out one of our rehearsal here

Ready for the world.

After almost 7 years of being a member of the band Blue Ventures (renamed Ventures 2 years ago) I decided to part ways with them. I want to thank  Bobby Quan and all the members who I’ve shared many a stage with locally and abroad for all their love and support over the years. I think this was the band (and I’ve been in a lot) where I grew the most as a musician.


I’m a professional entertainer  leaving one band does in no way signal the end of my music career.  Two months ago  while on a trip to New York I received a call asking if I was interested in putting together a band.  I jumped at the opportunity and hurried home. Our new band is called Night Angels.  We play mostly alternative music but we cover all genres. The 2 front-line vocalist are also in the studio recording new music.


We’ve done a few shows (dress rehearsals) locally and we’ve gotten positive feedback. The few criticisms we’ve gotten have been sorted out. Now…finally, we think we’re ready to take on the world, literally. Please stay tuned for updates.

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So when you don’t see me here (blogging) know that I’m out there working (learning new songs, writing new songs, recording, auditioning) after all mu professional hustle will never end. I LOOOOVES IT!!!

I love you guys loads and as always I appreciate your visit to my blog. Check out some pictures of the band below.



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